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What Kind of People Are @ Vintage Faith?

Vintage Faith has some of the most generous people in Decatur. Not that they are rich. They’re not. No trust funds or old money exists here. We are a blue collar church at best. But they have generous hearts.

I’m sure they’ve been tired along the way. I’m sure they probably still wakeup on Sunday morning and think, “I believe I’ll stay home today,” but they get up and push through. These are the kind of people at Vintage Faith.

When jobs around the church arise, I’m sure they think, “I will let someone else volunteer this time,” but they go ahead and do the job. These are the kind of people at Vintage Faith.

It’s easy to build a church with money, but it is harder to build one with sweat equity. Money buys staff and marketing power, but sweat equity builds discipline and an outward heart of love. This is the tradeoff. And the people at Vintage Faith volunteer. They serve. They get the job done and grow in love toward God and people, because they know their happiness lies in serving others.

And, sure, they know it rains on the just and unjust. They're not perfect people, and they know their pastor isn't perfect, either. Still, they find a way to be known as the “little church with a big heart.”

This is what I love about the people at Vintage Faith—their undying love for the hurting and their dedication to serve.

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