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Does God Have a Tattoo?

It’s hard to imagine that God has a tattoo. What kind would he have? A cross, a dove, a fish symbol? And where would he have it? Calf, shoulder, lower back, forearm?

Isaiah 49:16 says God has inscribed you in the palms of his hands. And I know this sounds controversial. Some believe God is against tattoos. But you must deal with Isaiah 49:16 before you rule out what God has tattooed in the palms of his hands. And rule it out if you want, but you are there. Your name. Engraved. 

Charles Haddon Spurgeon told a story about Oriental art where a person from the East would have portraits of family members and friends in their palms where they would forever be seen and remembered. Spurgeon said, “Christ keeps the memorial of his people in his hands present with him. There is no fear that he will ever forget you.”

Christ opens his hands and you are there. Your portrait. You are near. The engraver’s tool was the nail, backed by the hammer. And he doesn’t remember our guilt, our shame, our sin. Just our precious name. Engraved for eternity.

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;... --Isaiah 49:16 

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